Southern California Gas Increasing Rebates

From now until the end of the year, So Cal Gas is increasing their rebates for Food Service Equipment by 50%. This applies to all equipment and will be offered on a first-serve basis while funds are available. The new rebate amounts will be applied automatically. For example, rebates for qualified convection ovens are now $750.00/oven (up 50% from $500/oven), and rebates for qualified fryers are now $1123.50/vat (up 50% from $749/vat).

If you’re considering an energy-efficient upgrade for your business, contact ROI Energy Investments today! We will do all the required paperwork and calculations to receive the rebates for you. We will also put together reports to show you how much you are really saving every year. Contact us anytime for a free upfront consultation at 920-615-1838.