PECO Increasing Incentives for Limited Time

As of November 12th, PECO has increased certain lighting and refrigeration rebates that will last until May 15th, 2021, or until funds run out. The increased rebates are listed below:

  • DLC Exterior Fixtures and Retrofit Kits for Streetlights: $50 $75
  • DLC High-Bay and Low-Bay Fixtures and Retrofit Kits: $50 $70
  • DLC Exterior Fixtures and Retrofit Kits for Canopies and Garages $30 $50
  • DLC 8’ TLED Tubes: $2 $7
  • DLC, 4′ TLED Tubes: $2 $4
  • LED Pole/Arm-Mounted Parking and Roadway Fixtures and Retrofit Kits: $20-$75 $75-$100
  • LED Wall Mount Fixtures and Retrofit Kits: $20-$50 $40-$75
  • Variable-Speed Refrigeration Compressor: $10 $40
  • Doors Added to Open Refrigerated Cases: $15 $75
  • Floating-Head Pressure Controls for Refrigeration: $7 $50

To see PECO’s full list of incentives, click here.


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