Orange & Rockland and NV Energy Offering Increased Rebates

Many utilities across the nation are increasing their rebates this year because of the pandemic. NV Energy along with Orange & Rockland Utilities are the latest to increase their rebates as of this week. These limited time rebates are on a first-come first-served basis until they are depleted, so act now to ensure you get your extra dollars!

NV Energy – Retrofit Projects only and must be completed by Nov 15th, 2020

 Bonus Levels kWh Savings Per Project Bonus Incentive
Level 1 100,000 – 250,000 kWh 10%
Level 2 251,000 – 750,000 kWh 15%
Level 3 Over 751,000 kWh 20%


Orange & Rockland – All incentives offered can qualify up to 25% increase depending on project. All projects must be completed by Nov 1st, 2020.


If you’re considering a lighting, HVAC, or any energy efficient upgrade for your business, contact ROI Energy Investments today. We offer consulting services and assistance on obtaining these types of rebates. Give us a call for a free upfront consultation. 920-615-1838.