Indiana Michigan Power Offering Limited-Time Special Bonus

IN-MI Power is offering increased rebates from May 4th until August 31st, 2020 on certain upgrades. These upgrades include Lighting, VFD’s, Refrigeration and Non-lighting Custom projects! To find out how ROI Energy Investments can help you receive these rebates, call us at 920-615-1838 and mention this article.


Some more detailed information on these special rebates are below:


Custom (Non-Lighting)

  • The custom incentive rate will be increased to $0.07 per kWh.


  • Take advantage of an increase to the incremental cost test percentage. This percentage has been increased from 50% to 70% for the duration of the bonus. *Excludes fluorescent to LED tube replacements and retrofits.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs):

  • 10% additional bonus for Prescriptive VFD measures.


  • 10% additional bonus for Prescriptive non-lighting refrigeration