Energy Trust of Oregon Increasing Incentives

Starting March 21st, 2022, Energy Trust of Oregon will be increasing its incentives and cap limits. Below is an overview of all changes:

  • Annual project and participant incentive caps for commercial and industrial sites will increase to $250,000 per project
  • Trade ally company caps and active project caps will be removed
  • Allowable percentages of incentives to total project costs will increase
    • 50% for all street lighting, custom and horticulture projects (does not include controls)
    • 70% for lighting measures with integrated LLLC
  • Calculated incentives for horticultural lighting and controls custom incentives will increase to $0.18 per kWh saved
  • Selected standard lighting incentives will increase as follows:
    • LED high-bay/low-bay fixtures (with or without LLLCs)
      • 40-90W – $75 to $100 per fixture, or $130 to $155 per fixture with LLLC
      • 91-140W – $115 to $150 per fixture, or $180 to $215 per fixture with LLLC
      • 141-299W – $125 to $175 per fixture, or $200 to $250 per fixture with LLLC
      • 300W or greater – $175 to $250 per fixture, or $280 to $355 per fixture with LLLC
    • Fixture mount occupancy controls will increase to $40 per sensor
    • Interior fixtures with LLLC:
      • 26-57W – $75 to $80 per fixture with LLLC
      • 58-100W – $80 to $85 per fixture with LLLC


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