Consumers Energy Increasing Rebates to Cover 100% of Project Costs! Also Adding New Bonuses!

Consumers Energy just sent out an update for big changes to their program! They have lifted their incentive cap from 75% of project cost to 100% of project cost! This only applies to prescriptive incentives. They will now cover up to 100% of material, labor (not in-house), and any cost related to removing old equipment!

In addition, Consumers Energy has added an early completion bonus! Any application submitted between January 21 and March 21, 2021, will be eligible for a 10% bonus rebate (capped at $20,000 per facility). After project completion, the final application must be submitted within 90 days of the original application for this 10% bonus to apply. If it takes longer than 90 days, the 10% bonus will be voided.

At ROI Energy Investments, we know that you are busy and that you likely don’t have time to fill out rebates. This is where we come in. This is our specialty and we will do all the required paperwork and calculations for you to receive these rebates! Contact us for more information and/or consultation. Consultations are 100% free. 920-615-1838.